Deluxe professional hair and beard trimmer

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How to have a trendy beard and haircut without going to the hairdresser ? Here is for you Luxury professional hair and beard trimmer.  

Use this trimmer and you won't need to go to a beauty salon. The clipper is easy to hold and very light. It is equipped with a lithium battery with a large capacity of 1000 mAh and does not require a cord. It is suitable for both hair and beard.

Deluxe professional hair and beard trimmer
Deluxe professional hair and beard trimmer

🔶 The clipper is easy to hold in your hand. It allows you to change your contours without difficulty. It has a stainless steel blade to provide you with a clean and precise cut.

🔶 This clipper is the perfect solution to achieve your layering at the hairdresser or at home. It cuts your hair without tearing or damaging it.

This trimmer has a T-shaped blade made of steel and carbon. It is therefore possible to achieve a dry shave for short cuts.

This cordless mower is a strong and durable three-dimensional L-shaped support column. It also features a non-slip handle for a comfortable cut. You don't have to worry about the power going out because this mower is portable.  


  • Size: 3.3 cm (W) * 15 cm (H)  

  • Charging time : 2 h  

  • Adapter: 5 V ⎓ 1000 mAh                              

  • Quality : Professional  

  • Color : Black  


  • 1x professional hair and beard trimmer    

  • 1x USB charger

  • 1x Cleaning Brush