Galactic Moon Lamp

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Enjoy our original Galactic Moon Lamp!

 This moon lamp adds cosmic elegance to your office or bedroom decor. With its cosmic waves and intergalactic patterns, this moon lamp will bring a touch of authenticity to your room.

 Don't hesitate to offer it to yourself or to your friends and family!  


Galactic Moon Lamp
Galactic Moon Lamp

🔶 Its particularity: It uses 3D printing technology. It is thus completely identical to the real moon that you observe in the sky. 

🔶 Live your life to the fullest under the interesting lights of this moon lamp. Install it in your bedroom or in the living room.


This moon lamp emits different types of lights to soothe you at night and boost you during the day.

Features :

  • Colors: 2 Colors   

  • Diameter : 18 CM/15 CM/12 CM/10 CM/8 CM   

  • Options: Flash, Strobe, Low, Fluid  


  • Galactic moon                                                      

  • USB charger  

  • Remote control  

  • Wooden support