Mini car trash can

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Finding a trash can for your garbage is always a problem when you travel by car?

   The mini car trashcan is an ultra convenient car accessory that will get rid of all your unwanted garbage in a flash. It takes up minimal space while providing you with a full capacity of waste.


 The mini trashcan is made from high quality plastic to provide maximum strength, durability and longevity with a universal fit and the plastic lid is removable for convenience.

Mini car trash can
Mini car trash can

🔶 This mini trash can is a very useful and ultra convenient car accessory that will help you get rid of all your unwanted trash.

🔶 This is a tiny but functional car trashcan. It can fit in a cup holder, car door, center console or any other place you prefer.  

🔶 The mini car trash can can help keep your car clean and tidy especially when you have to throw away trash on your trips.

The mini cartrash can is a versatile accessory. It can also be used at home or at work and instead of using it as a trash can, it can also be used as an ashtray, cup holder, pen organizer purse and more.  


  • Height : 20 cm  

  • Diameter at the bottom : 6,5 cm   

  • Diameter at the widest point : 9 cm  

  • Material: Plastic

  • Color: black, blue, red, gray, yellow 

  • Weight: about 105g 


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