Modern and hygienic toilet brush

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Want to clean your toilet more efficiently? Adopt this silicone brush. 

Cleaning your toilet has never been easier. With this modern and hygienic toilet brush, you can now clean your toilet thoroughly. It scrubs the bottom of the bowl to remove all impurities.

Modern and hygienic toilet brush
Modern and hygienic toilet brush

🔶 The silicone brush cleans easily and stops the growth of bacteria. So you can use it for many years without it wearing out.

🔶 The toilet bowl cleaning brush is made of high quality TPR material. It is sturdy and can withstand multiple uses.

The brush comes with its own holder and is therefore easy to store. In addition, the brush does not mix with the hair or the residues and impurities contained in your bowl.

You can put your brush on the floor or hang it on the wall. This way you save space in your toilet.


  • Materials: PP + TPR

  • Color: white + black

  • Total height * base height: 41*14cm  

  • Height of brush head * width: 39.5*7.5cm


  • 1x Hygienic toilet brush