Newborn Baby Souvenir Hand Print Footprint

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Want to keep the best memories of your baby?

Give your child a precious memory of their childhood with this baby print frame! It is designed so that your baby's skin will never come in contact with the ink or any chemical substances. 

Very easy to use, this kit is also both fun to make and safe.


Newborn Baby Souvenir Hand Print Footprint
Newborn Baby Souvenir Hand Print Footprint

🔶 Easy to use: Use this tampon kit easily. Lightly press your baby's feet or hands on the pad and remove.    

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🔶 A non-toxic kit: This stamp pad does not use toxic ink. So you can be sure that your baby will not come in contact with harmful substances. 


Made with high quality ingredients, this stamp pad provides you with long lasting impressions. This kit fits every corner of your baby's feet and hands.   

Features :

  • Size : 9,5* 5.7cm  

  • Age : From 0 to 12 months  

Content :

  • 1* printing ink                        

  • 2 * sheets of paper 

  • Stamp pad