Soft Pet Cushion Basket

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Does your pet refuse to sleep in its bed?

 Pamper your pet with this self-warming, soothing pillow made from luxurious faux fur that mimics the cozy comfort of a mother's fur coat!

Paired with a deep crevice that allows your pet to burrow in, your furry companion will have a complete and restful sleep for better behavior and health.

In addition, its pure color and nice design make it a nice bed for your pets, they will love to spend the night there.

Soft Pet Cushion Basket
Soft Pet Cushion Basket
Soft Pet Cushion Basket
Soft Pet Cushion Basket

🔶 This pet pillow is made from 3cm long hair, ultra-soft, and extremely comfortable.

🔶 You can take it anywhere since it is especially light.

🔶 Made from non-toxic and odorless material, it is absolutely safe for your pet. Your best friend will definitely love it!


✅ 1.Soak the cushion: When your dog's cushion needs to be washed, do it by hand in warm soapy water. Use a dog-friendly detergent to wash it in your bathtub or sink...

✅ 2. Shake the cushion: Once washed, shake it gently...

✅ 3. Rinse it 

✅ 4. Air dry it 

✅ 5. Put it back in its place.


  • Washing type: hand wash.

  • Weight: 0,9 kg. 

  • Stamping: smooth.

  • Material: coral fleece.  

  • Property: breathable.  


  • 1 * Pet cushion