Table Fly Hunt

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Do you want to easily get rid of the birds that clutter up your tent? This accessory allows you to chase away flies more easily.

This Fly Repellent Fan helps you to drive away flies effortlessly. Don't forget that flies carry bacteria and microbes and can contaminate your food. This fan will help you drive them away from your table or home.  

Table Fly Hunt
Table Fly Hunt

🔶 This anti-fly fan produces hologrammatic images. These will keep away flies and any pest insects that may invade your home.

🔶 This accessory can be used for camping, picnics and all outdoor activities. It not only repels flies, but also mosquitoes.

We recommend this anti fly fan for your aperitifs,

barbecues and all your outdoor activities. Place it above your picnic table to prevent flies from invading you.

Note that the propellers stop when something touches them. So you can use it safely.   


  • Material: ABS

  • Color: gray, black

  • Size: 9 cm x 25 cm  


  • 1x Anti-fly fan