Trim Removal Tool Kit 7 pcs

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Are you looking for easy to use tools for your car? This is what you need! 

These Trim Removal Tools make it easy to install and remove all of your car's components. Like clips, moldings or door panels.  

Trim Removal Tool Kit 7 pcs
Trim Removal Tool Kit 7 pcs

🔶 You can also disassemble some parts of your bikes like tires or handlebars. These tools are very durable, as they are made with a very good quality plastic.

🔶 You can easily disassemble the dashboard of your vehicle. These tools can also be suitable for door panels, trims or even your car radio. All of this can be done safely.

🔶 These tools are made with a flexible material that allows for flexing without hiding. With an ergonomic design, these accessories are easy to handle and are very durable.

With a perfectly crafted design, these tools are both lightweight and non-cutting. You can easily use it without the risk of scratching your car or injuring yourself. 


  • 7 pieces to peel and remove the trim from your vehicle 

  • Color: blue 


  • 1 Set x Car Trim Removal Tools (7 Pieces)